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Product Name: DiPT
IUPAC Name: 3-[2-(Diisopropylamino)ethyl]indole
Other Names: N,N-Diisopropyltryptamine
Molecular Formula:
Molar Mass: 237.26 g·mol−1
Effect: stimulant, psychedelic
Purity of the substance: 99.9%
Physical properties: Crystals, Powder
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Introduction and Background

N,N-Diisopropyltryptamine, commonly known as Diisopropyltryptamine or DiPT, stands as a lesser-known psychedelic within the tryptamine class. This compound, a structural analog of DMT (Dimethyltryptamine), shares its roots with other psychedelic tryptamines like 4-HO-DiPT, 5-MeO-DiPT, and MiPT.

Historical Perspective and Human Trials

In 1975, the first human trials of DiPT were initiated by Alexander Shulgin, a prominent figure in psychedelic research. The subsequent publication of a comprehensive paper detailing both the synthesis and human psychopharmacology of DiPT followed in 1981. Shulgin further documented the synthesis process and human experiences in his 1997 book, TiHKAL ("Tryptamines I Have Known And Loved"). This compound has been made available online as a research chemical.

Unique Effects and Characteristics

While conventional psychedelics often induce vivid visual distortions, DiPT diverges by primarily manifesting auditory effects. Users have reported a distinct downward shift in perceived pitch and other atypical distortions. This peculiar trait has sparked interest in the potential neurological research applications of DiPT, especially in studying its impact on auditory perception, although concrete evidence in this regard remains elusive.

Subjective Experiences and Side Effects

Beyond its distinctive auditory effects, users have described additional subjective experiences with DiPT, including a body high, moderate euphoria, mild visuals, dizziness, and nausea. These varied effects contribute to the complexity of understanding DiPT's psychopharmacological profile.

Limited Data and Cautionary Measures

Despite its intriguing properties, there is scant data concerning the pharmacological properties, metabolism, and toxicity of DiPT. With a limited history of human use, caution is strongly advised for those considering its consumption. Emphasizing harm reduction practices becomes paramount in any exploration of this substance due to the lack of comprehensive information regarding its safety and long-term effects.

Chemistry of N,N-Diisopropyltryptamine (DiPT)

Molecular Composition and Structure

N,N-diisopropyltryptamine, commonly known as DiPT, stands as a synthetic indole alkaloid belonging to the tryptamine class. The fundamental structure of tryptamines revolves around a bicyclic indole heterocycle, linked at R3 to an amino group through an ethyl side chain.

Unique Isopropyl Groups in DiPT

DiPT distinguishes itself with the inclusion of two isopropyl groups attached to the terminal amine RN of its tryptamine backbone. These isopropyl groups consist of a three-carbon (propyl) chain, with the middle carbon forming a binding connection to the chemical structure. This structural characteristic sets DiPT apart from other tryptamines and contributes to its distinct pharmacological effects.

Analogous Relations to DMT

Drawing parallels to its analog DMT (Dimethyltryptamine), DiPT shares similarities but diverges in key aspects. Notably, DiPT replaces the two methyl groups found in DMT with two isopropyl groups bound at RN. This subtle yet significant alteration in chemical composition results in unique properties that contribute to the distinct psychoactive profile of DiPT within the realm of tryptamine psychedelics.

Dosage Guidelines for N,N-Diisopropyltryptamine (DiPT)

Understanding Dosage Levels

Determining the appropriate dosage of N,N-diisopropyltryptamine, commonly known as DiPT, is crucial for a safe and controlled psychedelic experience. Here, we outline the dosage ranges associated with varying levels of intensity:

Threshold Dosage (15 mg)

At the threshold level, users may begin to perceive the effects of DiPT with a minimal dosage of 15 mg. This marks the starting point where subtle psychoactive effects become noticeable, providing a gentle introduction to the compound's influence.

Light Dosage (15 - 30 mg)

Moving into the light dosage range, a quantity between 15 and 30 mg is recommended. Users can anticipate a mild to moderate impact on perception and consciousness. This range is suitable for those seeking a nuanced experience without delving into more intense psychedelic effects.

Common Dosage (30 - 75 mg)

For a more standard psychedelic encounter, a common dosage of 30 to 75 mg is suggested. Within this range, users may experience a well-balanced mix of auditory effects, body sensations, and mild visuals. It represents a moderate yet comprehensive exploration of DiPT's psychoactive properties.

Strong Dosage (75 - 150 mg)

Venturing into the strong dosage range, users should exercise caution, as a quantity between 75 and 150 mg can elicit potent psychedelic effects. This level is reserved for those seeking a more profound and immersive experience with DiPT, where auditory distortions and other effects intensify.

Heavy Dosage (150 mg +)

At the heavy dosage level, exceeding 150 mg, users enter into a realm of intense and potentially overwhelming psychedelic effects. This range is recommended only for experienced individuals seeking a deeply immersive and challenging encounter with DiPT. Extreme caution and careful consideration of personal tolerance levels are imperative at this dosage range.

Pharmacology of N,N-Diisopropyltryptamine (DiPT)

Receptor Interaction and Psychedelic Mechanism

The psychedelic effects attributed to DiPT are hypothesized to arise from its interaction with the 5-HT2A receptor. However, the intricacies of these interactions and the subsequent cascade leading to the psychedelic experience are subjects of ongoing scientific investigation.

Subjective Effects and Dosages

Incomplete Data and Stub Section

The subjective effects section of DiPT is currently under development and is considered a stub. As a work in progress, it may contain incomplete or inaccurate information. Contributions to expand and rectify this section are welcome to enhance its accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Auditory Effects and Dosage-dependent Shifts

At medium and higher dosages, users commonly report a distinctive downward shift in perceived pitch as the primary effect of DiPT. Although the effects are predominantly auditory, higher doses may introduce additional experiences such as lack of coordination, imbalance, stomach bloating, confusion, and visual distortions. Notably, inner ear pressure has been reported, occasionally resulting in discomfort, especially when combined with substances like MDMA.

Disclaimer on Subjective Effects

It's crucial to acknowledge that the listed effects are derived from the Subjective Effect Index (SEI), a compilation of anecdotal user reports and personal analyses by contributors to PsychonautWiki. Given this origin, a healthy degree of skepticism is advised when interpreting these effects. Furthermore, the occurrence of these effects may not follow a predictable or reliable pattern, with higher doses increasing the likelihood of inducing the full spectrum of effects. Caution is warranted as adverse effects, including addiction, severe injury, or death, become more probable with escalating doses.

Physical Effects of N,N-Diisopropyltryptamine (DiPT)

Sensory Stimulation and Euphoria

The physical effects induced by DiPT encompass a spectrum of sensory experiences, including:

  • Stimulation: Users commonly report an increase in overall stimulation.

  • Spontaneous Physical Sensations: Unpredictable and spontaneous tactile sensations contribute to the sensory richness associated with DiPT use.

  • Physical Euphoria: DiPT is known to elicit a sense of physical euphoria, enhancing the overall pleasure of the experience.

  • Tactile Enhancement: Users may experience heightened tactile sensitivity, intensifying the perception of physical touch.

Cardiovascular Impact and Gastrointestinal Responses

The physiological responses to DiPT also manifest in cardiovascular and gastrointestinal effects, including:

  • Increased Heart Rate: DiPT usage is associated with a noticeable rise in heart rate.

  • Increased Blood Pressure: Users may experience elevated blood pressure during the course of DiPT intoxication.

  • Nausea: Nausea is a reported side effect, impacting some individuals during the use of DiPT.

  • Excessive Yawning: Excessive yawning is a common physical reaction linked to DiPT consumption.

  • Pupil Dilation: Users may observe dilation of the pupils, a characteristic sign of altered serotonin activity.

Auditory Distortion and Enhancement

Nature of Auditory Distortion

The auditory effects of DiPT are notable for their uniqueness and complexity. At lower dosages, users describe an effect akin to flanging or phase shifting, defined as an audio effect produced by delaying one sound in relation to another.

Radical Shift in Perceived Pitch

At medium and higher dosages, a profound shift in perceived pitch becomes the hallmark effect of DiPT. This shift is nonlinear, varying in relation to the initial pitch. Higher pitches are less affected than lower ones, resulting in the production of bizarre sounds and the potential for music to become disharmonious or unrecognizable.

Full Range of Auditory Effects

The auditory effects of DiPT encompass a broad spectrum, including:

  • Auditory Enhancement: Heightened auditory perception is commonly reported.

  • Auditory Distortion: Distortions in sound perception contribute to the unique auditory experience.

  • Auditory Hallucination: Users may encounter auditory hallucinations, further enhancing the psychedelic encounter.

  • Tinnitus: More prevalent in quiet settings or exacerbated by yawning, tinnitus in DiPT is characterized by a less intense pitch and frequency, often not causing discomfort.

  • Ear Pressure: While generally mild, ear pressure has been reported as painful in some instances, underscoring the variability of physical responses to DiPT.  

Cognitive and Visual Dimensions of N,N-Diisopropyltryptamine (DiPT)

Cognitive Clarity and Enhancement

The cognitive effects associated with DiPT are characterized by a remarkable lucidity and clarity, setting it apart from many other tryptamines. Key cognitive experiences include:

  • Increased Music Appreciation: A subjective effect dependent on individual preferences, DiPT may enhance the appreciation of music.

  • Analysis Enhancement: Users may experience heightened analytical abilities, fostering a deeper understanding of thoughts and concepts.

  • Ego Dissolution: DiPT has been reported to induce ego dissolution, a phenomenon where the boundaries between self and the external world become less distinct.

  • Thought Acceleration: Thought processes may accelerate, leading to a heightened cognitive pace.

  • Wakefulness: DiPT usage is associated with a state of increased wakefulness, distinguishing it from substances that induce sedation.

Visual Effects and Sensory Dimensions

Auditory Dominance with Visual Overlay

While DiPT is primarily known for its auditory effects, visual experiences can emerge, especially at higher dosages. These visual effects align with other serotonergic psychedelics and include:

  • Drifting: Visual elements may exhibit drifting, melting, breathing, morphing, and flowing.

  • Color Enhancement: Colors can become more vibrant and intense under the influence of DiPT.

  • Depth Perception Distortions: Users may perceive alterations in depth perception, adding a dimension of visual distortion.

  • Geometry: The visual geometry produced by DiPT is likened to that of DMT, characterized by intricate and complex patterns.

  • Multi-sensory Effects: Synaesthetic experiences, where stimulation of one sensory pathway leads to involuntary experiences in another, may occur.

After Effects and Prolonged Auditory Impact

Auditory After Effects

The auditory effects of DiPT persist for an extended duration compared to its cognitive, physical, and visual effects. Similar to how vivid visual memories linger, auditory distortion commonly endures as an after effect. This extended auditory impact contributes to the unique and enduring character of the DiPT experience.

Delving into Research on N,N-Diisopropyltryptamine (DiPT)

Human Experimentation and Pitch Perception

An experiment involving subjects with perfect pitch yielded intriguing results, revealing a lack of a clear relationship between perceived pitch and actual pitch. This finding adds complexity to the understanding of DiPT's auditory effects and their perceptual nuances in individuals with specialized pitch perception abilities.

Unpublished Rodent Studies and Unique Auditory Impact

Recent, albeit unpublished, research has ventured into exploring DiPT's role in hearing perception among rodents. However, the findings suggest a divergence from the effects observed with other tryptamine psychedelics like DPT and 5-MeO-DMT in acoustic startle reflex paradigms. This indicates that DiPT's auditory effects may not be preserved across different species, adding a layer of complexity to its pharmacological profile.

The Ongoing Enigma of DiPT

Despite sporadic research efforts, DiPT remains largely unexplored in the scientific realm. The limited data and inconclusive findings underscore the need for further investigation into the pharmacological, perceptual, and behavioral aspects of DiPT. The compound's unique auditory impact and its differential effects compared to other tryptamines make it a subject of considerable interest and potential significance in the field of psychedelic research.

Toxicity and Harm Potential of N,N-Diisopropyltryptamine (DiPT)

Limited Scientific Exploration

The toxicity and long-term health effects of recreational DiPT remain largely uncharted territory within the scientific community. The absence of comprehensive studies and the unknown toxic dose are attributed to DiPT's status as a research chemical with minimal human usage history.

Anecdotal Reports and Cautionary Recommendations

Anecdotal reports from individuals who have experimented with DiPT suggest that trying the substance at low to moderate doses, used sparingly, does not exhibit immediate negative health effects. However, these reports underscore the need for caution, emphasizing that individual reactions may vary. Independent research becomes crucial, especially when considering combinations with other substances.

Harm Reduction Practices

Given the limited understanding of DiPT's safety profile, the adoption of harm reduction practices is strongly recommended. Users are urged to exercise caution and prioritize well-researched safety measures to mitigate potential risks associated with DiPT consumption.

Perceptual and Psychological Impact

DiPT, like many psychedelics, carries the potential for inducing long-lasting perceptual and psychological alterations. Notably, DiPT is known to chronically alter the perception of sound and speech, a factor that may not be suitable for everyone. Individuals considering its use should be mindful of these potential enduring effects.

Dependence, Abuse Potential, and Tolerance

Non-Habit Forming Nature

DiPT stands out as a non-habit-forming substance, and in some cases, the desire to use it may decrease with continued usage. This self-regulating characteristic adds a layer of distinction within the realm of psychoactive substances.

Immediate Tolerance and Cross-Tolerance

Tolerance to the effects of DiPT builds rapidly after ingestion, requiring approximately 3 days to reduce to half and 7 days to return to baseline in the absence of further consumption. Moreover, DiPT induces cross-tolerance with all psychedelics, leading to a diminished effect on other substances within the same category.

Legal Status Worldwide

Varied Legal Status

The legal status of DiPT varies globally:

  • Germany: Controlled under the NpSG as of July 18, 2019, with strict regulations on production, import, administration, and trading. Possession is illegal but not penalized.

  • Latvia: Classified as a Schedule I controlled substance.

  • New Zealand: Considered a Class C controlled substance due to its analogy to DMT.

  • Sweden: Suggested as a hazardous substance by Sweden's public health agency.

  • Switzerland: Not controlled under specific categories, potentially considered legal.

  • United Kingdom: Classified as a Class A controlled substance under the tryptamine catch-all clause.

  • United States: Unscheduled but may be considered an analogue of DET, a Schedule I compound. Prosecution under the Federal Analogue Act is possible for illicit use.

  • Florida (United States): Designated as a Schedule I controlled substance, making buying, selling, or possession illegal in the state. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: Is DiPT habit-forming?

  • A: DiPT is not habit-forming, and the desire to use it may actually decrease with use.

Q2: Are there long-term health effects of DiPT use?

  • A: The long-term health effects of recreational DiPT remain unstudied, and caution is advised due to its limited history of human usage.

Q3: Does DiPT cause tolerance?

  • A: Tolerance to DiPT builds almost immediately after ingestion. Cross-tolerance with other psychedelics is observed.

Q4: What legal status does DiPT have in the United States?

  • A: DiPT is unscheduled in the United States but could be prosecuted under the Federal Analogue Act for certain purposes.

Q5: How is DiPT regulated in Germany?

  • A: DiPT is controlled under the NpSG (New Psychoactive Substances Act) in Germany, with specific regulations on production, import, and possession.

Q6: Can DiPT be legally possessed in Switzerland?

  • A: DiPT is not controlled under certain Swiss regulations, potentially making it legal, but regional considerations should be taken into account.

Q7: What are the effects of DiPT on sound perception?

  • A: DiPT is known to chronically alter the perception of sound and talking, which may not be suitable for everyone.

Q8: How should harm reduction practices be employed with DiPT?

  • A: It is strongly recommended to use harm reduction practices when using DiPT, especially due to its limited data on toxicity and long-term health effects.

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