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What is DF-MDBP

Research chemicals have attracted considerable interest in recent years due to their prospective uses in several scientific disciplines. The discovery of a novel research chemical with an IUPAC designation of 1-((2,2-difluorobenzo[d][1,3]dioxol-5-yl)methyl)piperazine, commonly known as DF-MDBP, has introduced a new entity to the list of research chemicals. This substance has been detected in detectable concentrations in water samples and is considered a novel addition to the chemical world.

DF-MDBP: Physical and Chemical Properties

Melting Point: DF-MDBP's solid form has a melting point of 122.9 °C. This feature of the chemical is significant in its manufacturing and handling operations.

Boiling Point: The 343 °C boiling point of DF-MDBP is crucial in influencing the compound's stability and volatility.

Vapour Pressure: The vapour pressure of DF-MDBP at 30 °C is 2.03E-005 hPa. The vapour pressure is a significant quantity that helps determine the substance's volatility.

Applications of DF-MDBP

Researchers in several science disciplines are now researching the possible applications of DF-MDBP. DF-MDBP is an intriguing molecule for future research and development due to its unique physical and chemical features.

Risks Associated with DF-MDBP

DF-MDBP, like any other research chemical, has possible dangers. It is essential to handle the substance with caution and be aware of its potential dangers. DF-MDBP should only be used for scientific and research objectives, not for unlawful or harmful purposes.

Questions asked frequently

What exactly is the DF-MDBP?

New research chemical DF-MDBP has the IUPAC designation 1-((2,2-difluorobenzo[d][1,3]dioxol-5-yl)methyl)piperazine.

What is DF-MDBP's melting point?

DF-MDBP's solid form has a melting point of 122.9 degrees Celsius.

What is DF-MDBP's boiling point?

DF-MDBP has a boiling point of 343 °C.

What is DF-MDBP's vapor pressure at 30 degrees Celsius?

At 30 degrees Celsius, the vapor pressure of DF-MDBP is 2.03E-005 hPa.

What are DF-MDBP's possible applications?

Scientists from various scientific disciplines are now investigating the possible uses of DF-MDBP.

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