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Product Name: 4-Chloro-alpha-pyrrolidinovalerophenone
IUPAC Name: 1-(4-Chlorophenyl)-2-(1-pyrrolidinyl)-1-pentanone
Other Names: 4-Cl-PVP
Molecular Formula: C15H20ClNO
Molar Mass: 265.78 g/mol
Effect: stimulant, psychedelic
Purity of the substance: 99.9%
Physical properties: Crystals
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What is 4-Cl-PVP?

4-Cl-PVP is a synthetic medication with molecular similarities to other pyrrolidinophenone-class stimulants, such as alpha-pyrrolidinopentiophenone (-PVP). Its precise effects on the human body are yet unclear; however, it is believed to be a stimulant.

Classification and Structure of 4-Cl-PVP

4-Cl-PVP is a synthetic molecule with a similar chemical structure to -PVP, a cathinone. Cathinones are a family of stimulant pharmaceuticals chemically similar to amphetamines. They are recognized for their capacity to release dopamine and inhibit the absorption of other neurotransmitters in the central nervous system. 4-Cl-PVP is an emergent designer drug for recreational use, meaning it has no accepted medicinal or therapeutic purpose.

The Emergence of 4-Cl-PVP

Recently, 4-Cl-PVP has arisen as a recreationally abused designer drug, mainly due to its availability on the black market and its perceived strength compared to other stimulant stimulants. It is frequently advertised as a research chemical without any information about its effects or potential dangers.

4-Cl-PVP Pharmacology and Toxicity

As 4-Cl-PVP is a newly developing substance of abuse, there is a shortage of knowledge about its pharmacology and toxicity. It is unknown how the substance functions in the human body and its effects and possible hazards. Nevertheless, based on its categorization as a stimulant and its chemical structure, it is expected that 4-Cl-PVP has effects comparable to those of other pyrrolidinophenone-class stimulants.

Potential Health Risks of 4-Cl-PVP

Due to the lack of knowledge of 4-Cl-PVP, it is impossible to analyze its potential health effects precisely. However, as with any new or developing substance of abuse, there is a danger of severe consequences and toxicity. It is well-recognized that stimulants belonging to the pyrrolidinophenone family have a variety of possible health hazards, such as an elevated heart rate, high blood pressure, anxiety, paranoia, and the possibility of addiction.

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