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Product Name: Bk-2C-B
IUPAC Name: 2-Amino-1-(4-bromo-2,5-dimethoxyphenyl)ethan-1-one
Other Names: βk-2C-B ,beta-keto 2C-B, bk-2C-B
Cas Number: 807631-09-0
Molecular Formula: C10H12BRNO3
Molar Mass: 274.111 g/mol
Effect: psychedelic
Purity of the substance: 99.2%
Physical properties: Powder
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What is βk-2C-B?

βk-2C-B is a unique 2C family hallucinogenic drug. It is the structural counterpart of the well-known psychedelic drug 2C-B, a beta () ketone.

The Basics of βk-2C-B

βk-2C-B is a psychedelic chemical belonging to the 2C family and is the structural equivalent of the well-known psychedelic drug 2C-B. It is often used orally and classified as a recreational drug. βk-2C-B is a restricted drug in several countries, including Canada, Germany, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

The Effects of βk-2C-B

One of βk-2C-B's impacts is its ability to modify a person's perspective of reality. It can induce various psychological effects, such as exhilaration, greater empathy, and improved sociability. However, anxiety, disorientation, and paranoia are all possible side effects.

The Potential Risks of βk-2C-B

As with any drug, using βk-2C-B is not without possible hazards. Reports of this chemical causing anxiety, disorientation, paranoia, and in rare cases, severe psychosis. Notably, there have been fatalities connected with βk-2C-B and its analogues. Consequently, its usage must be approached with prudence.

In Conclusion

βk-2C-B is a unique and fascinating chemical that has recently garnered notice. It can create euphoric and stimulating effects, but it must be used cautiously because it can also have negative consequences. The purpose of this article was to present information on βk-2C-B to enable individuals to make informed judgments regarding its use.

Questions Asked Frequently

How is βk-2C-B metabolized?

βk-2C-B is often ingested orally and is a recreational drug.

What impact does βk-2C-B have?

βk-2C-B may modify a person's sense of reality, resulting in euphoria, improved empathy, and enhanced sociability. However, anxiety, disorientation, and paranoia are all possible side effects.

Is βk-2C-B a chemical restricted in any country?

Yes, βk-2C-B is prohibited in the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and Switzerland.

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