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Product Name: AKB-48
IUPAC Name: N-(1-adamantyl)-1-pentylindazole-3-carboxamide
Other Names: APINACA, N-(1-adamantyl)-1-pentyl-1H-indazole-3-carboxamide
Cas Number: 1345973-53-6
Molecular Formula: C23H31N3O
Molar Mass: 365.510 g/mol
Purity of the substance: ≥99.3%
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APINACA, also known as AKB48, is a chemical compound that has recently been identified as a component in synthetic cannabis smoking mixtures. It is a potent agonist for the cannabinoid receptors, giving it a comparable effect to cannabis. Despite its recent discovery, it had never been reported in scientific or patent literature. This page explores the universe of APINACA, from its discovery and structure to its effects and potential risks.

Discovery of APINACA

In March 2012, Japanese labs identified APINACA as a component in synthetic cannabis smoking mixtures for the first time. It was discovered with a similar chemical, APICA. This finding propelled APINACA to the forefront of public interest, with many wanting to learn more about this intriguing drug.

Structure of APINACA

APINACA is structurally similar to cannabis compounds described in a University of Connecticut patent but has a simple pentyl chain at the 1-position of the indazole. APINACA comes under the patent's claims despite this resemblance, although it was not mentioned as an example. Because APINACA's structure closely mimics that of conventional cannabinoids, it has the potential to produce comparable effects on the body.

Agonist for Cannabinoid Receptors

With a Ki of 304.5nM and an EC50 of 585nM at CB1, APINACA is a moderately potent agonist for cannabinoid receptors. This indicates that it can bind to and activate the body's cannabinoid receptors, resulting in effects comparable to those of regular cannabis.

Potential Dangers of APINACA

It is crucial to highlight that while the discovery of APINACA has spurred curiosity about its possible benefits, there are also potential risks linked with its usage. It is crucial to approach any new chemical with caution, especially those without extensive investigation. APINACA's long-term consequences are unclear; prolonged usage may lead to significant health issues.


What exactly is APINACA?

APINACA, commonly known as AKB48, was recently detected as a component of synthetic cannabis smoking mixtures.

Is APINACA legal?

The legality of APINACA differs between nations. It is categorized as a restricted substance in specific locations, but in others, it is not. Before utilizing APINACA, it is essential to verify local legislation.

What impacts does APINACA have?

As a potent agonist for cannabinoid receptors, the effects of APINACA are comparable to those of conventional cannabis. However, the long-term consequences of APINACA are unclear, and its usage might cause severe health issues.

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