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Product Name: 4-AcO-DiPT
IUPAC Name: 3-[2-(Diisopropylamino)ethyl]-1H-indol-4-yl acetate
Other Names: 4-AcO-DiPT, 4-Acetoxy-DiPT, Ipracetin, Aces
Molecular Formula: None
Molar Mass: 237.26 g·mol−1
Effect: stimulant, psychedelic
Purity of the substance: 99.9%
Physical properties: Crystals, Powder
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Overview of 4-AcO-DiPT's Effects and Characteristics

4-Acetoxy-N,N-diisopropyltryptamine, commonly known as 4-AcO-DiPT, stands as a lesser-known synthetic psychedelic within the tryptamine chemical class. Upon administration, it induces a distinctive blend of physically euphoric, stimulating, and notably minimal visual and introspective psychedelic effects.

Comparisons with Other Tryptamines and Psychedelics

Early online reports suggest that 4-AcO-DiPT exhibits only vague similarities to structurally-related tryptamine substances like psilocin or 4-AcO-DMT. However, it distinguishes itself with disinhibiting, physically euphoric, and libidinous qualities reminiscent of psychedelics such as 5-MeO-DiPT. Notably, it possesses a relatively short duration, typically lasting around 3 to 4 hours. Subsequent reports indicate a slightly longer duration and mild potency in comparison to 4-HO-DiPT, also known as Iprocin, with an active dose falling within the range of 15 to 40 mg.

Prodrug Mechanism and Shulgin's Insights

Researchers believe that 4-AcO-DiPT primarily acts as a prodrug to 4-HO-DiPT, a substance discussed by Alexander Shulgin in his book TiHKAL. Shulgin marvels at the speed, intensity, brevity, and dose sensitivity of 4-HO-DiPT, asserting its uniqueness among psychedelic drugs. Anecdotal reports since 1999 suggest that these distinctive properties are largely retained in 4-AcO-DiPT. Notably, 4-AcO-DiPT presents a less rapid onset, potentially smoother experience, slightly extended duration, and reduced physical side effects, providing users with a more comfortable overall journey.

Current Status and Availability

In the contemporary landscape, 4-AcO-DiPT is a rarity on the consumer market. When available, it is primarily distributed as a gray-area research chemical through online platforms, catering to recreational and proclaimed entheogenic purposes. This compound represents an early wave of psychedelic research chemicals explored following its initial synthesis and documentation in TiHKAL. This exploration occurred before the establishment of an easily-accessible network of online research chemical vendors during the early 2000s.

Limited Data and Cautionary Note

Despite its presence in certain circles, there is minimal data available regarding the pharmacological properties, metabolism, and toxicity of 4-AcO-DiPT. Users are strongly advised to exercise caution when considering the use of this substance due to the lack of comprehensive understanding of its effects and potential risks.

Chemistry of 4-Acetoxy-N,N-diisopropyltryptamine

Molecular Composition and Classification

4-Acetoxy-N,N-diisopropyltryptamine, commonly referred to as 4-AcO-DiPT, belongs to the synthetic indole alkaloid family within the broader tryptamine chemical class. Tryptamines, in general, share a fundamental core structure characterized by a bicyclic indole heterocycle linked at R3 to an amino group via an ethyl side chain.

Unique Molecular Features

The distinctive molecular makeup of 4-AcO-DiPT includes a substitution at R4 of its indole heterocycle, where an acetoxy functional group (CH3COO−) is attached. Additionally, two diisopropyl chains are bound to the terminal amine RN of its base tryptamine backbone, commonly known as DiPT.

Comparative Analysis

Structurally, 4-AcO-DiPT serves as the acetate ester analog of DiPT, the N-substituted isopropyl homolog of 4-HO-DMT (Psilocin), and the N-substituted diisopropyl analog of 4-AcO-DMT. This intricate molecular configuration distinguishes 4-AcO-DiPT within the realm of tryptamines, showcasing its unique positioning among synthetic indole alkaloids.

Navigating 4-Acetoxy-N,N-diisopropyltryptamine Dosages

Understanding Dosage Tiers

4-Acetoxy-N,N-diisopropyltryptamine, or 4-AcO-DiPT, exhibits a range of dosage levels, each associated with distinct effects. It's crucial for users to be aware of these dosage tiers for a safer and more controlled experience.

Dosage Threshold

  • Threshold: 3 mg

At this minimal threshold, users may begin to perceive subtle effects. It serves as the entry point where the psychoactive properties of 4-AcO-DiPT start to manifest.

Light Dosage

  • Light: 5 - 15 mg

Within this range, users can expect a mild yet perceptible psychedelic experience. Effects may include a gentle shift in perception, heightened sensory experiences, and a subtle alteration of mood.

Common Dosage

  • Common: 15 - 30 mg

This dosage level brings about a more pronounced and well-defined psychedelic experience. Users may encounter enhanced visual and introspective effects, along with an elevation in physical sensations and mood.

Strong Dosage

  • Strong: 30 - 45 mg

As the dosage increases, the effects intensify. A strong dosage of 4-AcO-DiPT can lead to a profound psychedelic experience, with heightened visuals, introspection, and potentially more pronounced physical sensations.

Heavy Dosage

  • Heavy: 45 mg and above

At this level, users should expect an intense and overwhelming psychedelic journey. The effects become potent across all aspects, including visuals, introspection, and physical sensations. Caution is strongly advised, and such high dosages should only be considered by experienced users who are well-acquainted with the compound's effects and their own tolerance.

Pharmacology of 4-Acetoxy-N,N-diisopropyltryptamine


4-AcO-DiPT is presumed to function as a 5-HT2A partial agonist, primarily interacting with serotonin receptors in the brain. While the psychedelic effects are thought to stem from its efficacy at the 5-HT2A receptors, ongoing scientific investigation is exploring the role of other receptors in the compound's psychedelic experience. The intricate nature of these interactions remains a subject of ongoing research, adding complexity to our understanding of the pharmacodynamics.


In terms of pharmacokinetics, 4-AcO-DiPT is noted to generate effects closely resembling its de-acetylated counterpart, 4-HO-DiPT. However, it stands out with a slightly prolonged duration and a more gradual onset of activity. Similar to related compounds such as 4-AcO-DMT/4-HO-DMT, 4-AcO-MET/4-HO-MET, and 4-AcO-DET/4-HO-DET, there seems to be a core pharmacokinetic relationship. This suggests that 4-acetoxy tryptamine compounds may undergo deacetylation into their respective 4-hydroxy homologs before manifesting their primary effects. The precise mechanism and extent of this process, though, await scientific validation.

Subjective Effects

Disclaimer: The subjective effects outlined below are based on the Subjective Effect Index (SEI), which draws on anecdotal user reports and analyses by PsychonautWiki contributors. It is essential to approach these effects with a degree of skepticism, as individual responses may vary. Higher doses are more likely to induce the full spectrum of effects, and adverse outcomes, including addiction, severe injury, or death, become increasingly likely with elevated doses. These subjective effects are not guaranteed to occur predictably or reliably.

Physical Effects of 4-Acetoxy-N,N-diisopropyltryptamine

Peculiar Physical Manifestations

The physical effects induced by 4-AcO-DiPT distinguish it prominently within the realm of four-position substituted tryptamines. Anecdotal reports emphasize that these effects, characterized by a unique interplay of sensations, differ markedly from the introspective qualities commonly associated with psychedelic experiences.

Sedation and Stimulation

  • Initial Sedation: Users commonly experience a tranquil and sedative state in the early stages of the 4-AcO-DiPT experience.
  • Transition to Stimulation: This initial sedation gives way to a distinctive form of physical stimulation, promoting activities like dancing. The paradoxical property of inducing both relaxation and stimulation sets 4-AcO-DiPT apart from other tryptamines.

Spontaneous Physical Sensations

  • Body High: Described as a pleasurable, soft, and all-encompassing tingling sensation, the "body high" steadily intensifies with the onset and reaches its zenith during the peak. This euphoric and tranquil sensation, coupled with paradoxical energetic stimulation, is considered atypical for a substituted tryptamine.

Physical Euphoria

  • Consistent Euphoria: 4-AcO-DiPT consistently induces physical euphoria, resembling effects produced by stimulants or entactogens, albeit in a less forced manner. This effect stands out as a predominant component relative to related psychedelics like psilocin.

Tactile Enhancement

  • Prominent Tactile Sensations: Among substituted tryptamines, 4-AcO-DiPT stands out for its extremely prominent tactile enhancement, heightening the sense of touch and physical awareness.

Perception of Bodily Lightness

  • Sensation of Sedation: A feeling of bodily heaviness discouraging movement characterizes the first half of the 4-AcO-DiPT trip. This sense of sedation and relaxation contributes to the perception of bodily lightness.

Changes in Felt Bodily Form

  • Unity and Comfort: Users may experience changes in felt bodily form, often accompanied by warmth or unity. This sensation occurs primarily during the initial part of the experience, offering a deep sense of comfort and peace.

Temperature Regulation Suppression

  • Attention to Temperature Modulation: Special attention is warranted for the temperature-modulating effects of 4-AcO-DiPT, particularly at its peak. Reports suggest an atypical increase in bodily temperature compared to other substituted tryptamines.

Diverse Physical Effects

The physical effects of 4-AcO-DiPT encompass a spectrum of sensations, including:

  • Increased bodily temperature
  • Muscle relaxation and contractions
  • Nausea (which can be mitigated with an empty stomach or a light meal beforehand)
  • Increased heart rate
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • Excessive yawning
  • Watery eyes
  • Pupil dilation

Rare and Cautionary Note

Seizure Potential: While seizures are deemed a rare effect, caution is advised, especially for individuals predisposed to seizures or those in physically taxing conditions such as dehydration, fatigue, or malnutrition. Importantly, there are no documented cases of seizures associated with this compound.

Cognitive Effects Overview

Described as a paradoxical blend of sedation and stimulation, the cognitive effects of 4-AcO-DiPT diverge significantly from commonly used tryptamines like psilocin or 4-AcO-DMT. Notable for its lucidity and minimal headspace, it stands as a distinctive psychedelic compound with cognitive effects not typically associated with traditional serotonergic psychedelics.

Prominent Cognitive Effects


  • Non-Introspective Nature: 4-AcO-DiPT is considered atypically non-introspective for a psychedelic substituted tryptamine. Instead, it tends to favor social activities and recreational outings.


  • Pronounced Disinhibition: Unusually pronounced for a psychedelic tryptamine, 4-AcO-DiPT is associated with increased sociability and pleasure-seeking behavior.

Increased Libido

  • High Libidinous Nature: Anecdotal reports frequently highlight the highly libidinous and sensual nature of 4-AcO-DiPT, contributing to increased libido.

Anxiety Suppression

  • Suppression of Anxiety: Users commonly report anxiety suppression as one of the cognitive effects of 4-AcO-DiPT.

Increased Music Appreciation

  • Heightened Music Appreciation: The compound is known for enhancing the appreciation of music, providing a unique auditory experience.

Novelty and Immersion Enhancement

  • Novelty Enhancement: 4-AcO-DiPT induces a sense of novelty enhancement, making ordinary experiences more engaging.
  • Immersion Enhancement: Users often experience an increased sense of immersion in their surroundings.

Empathy, Affection, and Sociability Enhancement

  • Enhanced Social Connection: While less consistent compared to traditional psychedelics like mescaline or LSD, 4-AcO-DiPT can lead to strong feelings of physical connection and social bonding. Sociability enhancement is notably higher and more consistent compared to other substituted tryptamines.

Compulsive Redosing

  • Atypical Redosing Behavior: 4-AcO-DiPT exhibits a unique tendency for compulsive redosing, likely due to its short duration and rapid onset and offset.


  • Prominent Mindfulness: This effect is typically noticeable at the initial stages of the experience before the stimulating and disinhibiting aspects take over.

Time Distortion

  • Mild Time Distortion: Compared to simpler substituted tryptamines with longer durations, 4-AcO-DiPT induces a comparatively mild time distortion effect.

Auditory Effects and Aftereffects

Auditory Effects

  • Volume Enhancements and Distortions: Users may experience enhancements and distortions in auditory perception during the 4-AcO-DiPT experience.


  • Mild Stimulant-Like Aftereffects: The offset of 4-AcO-DiPT is characterized by effects comparable to a mild stimulant, often resulting in mild fatigue and restless leg syndrome.

In summary, the cognitive effects of 4-AcO-DiPT present a unique interplay of sedation, stimulation, and social enhancement, setting it apart from other tryptamines in the psychedelic landscape. The compound's distinctive qualities contribute to its appeal and are essential considerations for those exploring its use.

Visual Effects

In contrast to other psychedelics and substituted tryptamines, 4-AcO-DiPT exhibits minimal visual effects, even at heavy doses. Anecdotal reports emphasize its inability to induce higher-level visuals, geometric patterns, or hallucinatory states, distinguishing it from counterparts like 4-AcO-DMT or 4-AcO-MET.


  • Colour Enhancement: Users may experience heightened color perception.
  • Visual Acuity Enhancement: Improved visual clarity may occur.


  • Drifting (Melting, Flowing, Breathing, and Morphing): Described as extremely mild to moderate, even at heavy doses, this effect forms a minor part of the overall experience.
  • Colour Shifting: The compound may induce subtle shifts in color.
  • Tracers: Tracers, or persistent trails of moving objects, are reported but remain relatively mild.

Cognitive Effects Overview

The cognitive effects of 4-AcO-DiPT are marked by a paradoxical mixture of sedation and stimulation, setting it apart from other commonly used tryptamines. The compound is known for its lucidity, minimal headspace, and unique cognitive effects not typically associated with traditional serotonergic psychedelics.

Prominent Cognitive Effects

  • Outrospection: Atypically non-introspective, 4-AcO-DiPT leans toward social activities and recreational outings.
  • Disinhibition: Notably pronounced, leading to increased sociability and pleasure-seeking behavior.
  • Increased Libido: Frequently reported as highly libidinous and sensual.
  • Anxiety Suppression: Users commonly report a suppression of anxiety.
  • Increased Music Appreciation: The compound enhances the appreciation of music.
  • Novelty and Immersion Enhancement: Ordinary experiences become more engaging, offering a heightened sense of novelty and immersion.
  • Empathy, Affection, and Sociability Enhancement: While less consistent compared to other psychedelics, it can lead to strong feelings of physical connection and social bonding, occurring at a higher and more consistent rate than other substituted tryptamines.
  • Compulsive Redosing: Atypically prominent due to the substance's short duration and rapid onset and offset.
  • Mindfulness: Prominent at the beginning stages, preceding the stimulating and disinhibiting aspects.
  • Time Distortion: Comparatively mild, especially when compared to simpler substituted tryptamines.

Auditory Effects and Aftereffects

Auditory Effects

  • Enhancements and Distortions: Users may experience enhanced auditory perception and distortions during the experience.


  • Mild Stimulant-Like Aftereffects: Post-peak effects resemble those of a mild stimulant, often causing mild fatigue and restless leg syndrome.

Experience Reports and Combinations

  • Experience Reports: Anecdotal reports from the psychonaut community provide insights into the effects of 4-AcO-DiPT.
  • Combinations:
    • Cannabis: When combined with cannabis, both visual and cognitive effects can intensify. Caution is advised due to the potential for increased anxiety and confusion.
    • Alcohol: Not typically recommended due to alcohol's diuretic and physically taxing effects, which can negatively impact the trip. However, in low doses, it may dull the psychedelic effects.
    • Benzodiazepines: Used in combination, benzodiazepines can reduce the intensity of cognitive, physical, and visual effects. Caution is advised due to their habit-forming nature.

Toxicity, Harm Reduction, Tolerance, and Addiction Potential

  • Toxicity and Harm Reduction: Limited scientific study on the toxicity and long-term health effects of 4-AcO-DiPT. Harm reduction practices are strongly recommended.
  • Tolerance and Addiction Potential: Not known to be habit-forming; desire for use may decrease with repeated administration. Tolerance builds almost immediately after ingestion, with cross-tolerance to all psychedelics.
  • Dangerous Interactions: Caution is urged for potential dangerous interactions with substances like lithium, cannabis, stimulants, and tramadol.

In conclusion, 4-AcO-DiPT presents a unique profile in the realm of psychedelics, offering distinctive visual and cognitive effects. Users should exercise caution, employ harm reduction practices, and be mindful of potential interactions when exploring its use.

Legal Status in Various Countries


4-AcO-DiPT is classified as a Schedule B controlled substance in Denmark.


In Germany, 4-AcO-DiPT falls under the New Psychoactive Substances Act (NpSG) since July 18, 2019. The act prohibits production and import with the intention of placing it on the market, administration to others, and trading. While possession is illegal, it is not penalized.


Japan designates 4-AcO-DiPT as a controlled substance, subject to legal restrictions.


In Sweden, the sale and possession of 4-AcO-DiPT are illegal.


Switzerland classifies 4-AcO-DiPT as a controlled substance specifically listed under Verzeichnis E.

United Kingdom

4-AcO-DiPT is categorized as a Class A drug in the United Kingdom. It falls under this classification as an ester of 4-HO-DiPT, which is itself a Class A drug due to the tryptamine catch-all clause.

United States

4-AcO-DiPT is currently unscheduled in the United States. However, it might be considered an analogue of psilocin (4-HO-DMT), a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act. Therefore, selling it for human consumption or using it for illicit non-medical or industrial purposes could be prosecuted as crimes under the Federal Analogue Act.

Understanding the legal status of 4-AcO-DiPT is crucial for individuals in various countries to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.


1. What is 4-Acetoxy-N,N-diisopropyltryptamine (4-AcO-DiPT)?

  • 4-AcO-DiPT is a synthetic psychedelic substance of the tryptamine class known for its unique mixture of effects, including physical euphoria, stimulation, and minimal visual alterations.

2. How does 4-AcO-DiPT affect the body?

  • It acts primarily as a prodrug to 4-HO-DiPT, producing intense, brief, and dose-sensitive psychedelic effects. The compound is associated with a paradoxical mix of sedation and stimulation.

3. What are the visual effects of 4-AcO-DiPT?

  • 4-AcO-DiPT exhibits minimal visual effects, with only mild alterations even at heavy doses. It is reported to lack higher-level visuals, geometric patterns, or hallucinatory states.

4. What is the legal status of 4-AcO-DiPT globally?

  • The legal status varies across countries. It is a controlled substance in Denmark, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. In the United States, it is unscheduled but could be prosecuted under the Federal Analogue Act.

5. How can users ensure safety when using 4-AcO-DiPT?

  • Harm reduction practices, such as researching potential interactions, using sparingly, and being cautious with combinations, are crucial. The substance's limited scientific study necessitates prudent and responsible use.

6. Is 4-AcO-DiPT habit-forming?

  • 4-AcO-DiPT is not known to be habit-forming, and the desire to use it may decrease with repeated administration. However, its distinctly hedonic effects may pose a higher liability for frequent or excessive consumption.

7. What is the recommended dosage for 4-AcO-DiPT?

  • Dosages vary from threshold levels (3 mg) to heavy doses (45 mg and above). Users are advised to start with lower doses and proceed with caution due to its potency and individual sensitivity.

8. How does 4-AcO-DiPT interact with other substances?

  • Combining 4-AcO-DiPT with substances like cannabis or benzodiazepines can intensify effects, but caution is essential due to potential interactions and increased risks, such as anxiety and psychosis.

9. What are the potential aftereffects of 4-AcO-DiPT?

  • Aftereffects may include physical fatigue and restless leg syndrome, resembling a mild stimulant "comedown." Users should be aware of these effects for a comprehensive understanding of the substance.

10. How long does the tolerance to 4-AcO-DiPT last?

  • Tolerance builds almost immediately after ingestion, taking about 3 days to reduce to half and 7 days to return to baseline. Cross-tolerance with other psychedelics is also observed.

11. Where can I find experience reports and more information about 4-AcO-DiPT?

  • Experience reports can be found on platforms like Erowid Experience Vaults. Additionally, responsible research and thorough investigation of the substance are recommended before consumption.

12. What are the potential risks associated with 4-AcO-DiPT use?

  • Limited scientific study on its toxicity emphasizes the importance of cautious and responsible use. Users should be aware of potential risks, including interactions with other substances and individual variations in sensitivity.

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