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Product Name: 1B-LSD
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Effect: psychedelic, hallucinogen
Purity of the substance: 99.9%
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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction

    • Brief Overview of LSM-775
    • Historical Background
  2. Chemistry

    • Structural Composition
    • Relationship to Lysergic Acid
    • Ergoline Derivative Characteristics
  3. Dosage

    • Threshold
    • Light
    • Common
    • Strong
    • Heavy
  4. Pharmacology

    • 5-HT2A Partial Agonist Activity
    • Ergine Derivative and Relative Potency
    • Cardiovascular and Peripheral Effects
  5. Subjective Effects

    • Exploration into Psychedelic Experiences
    • Disclaimer: Anecdotal Nature and SEI
    • Unpredictability and Dose-Dependent Variability
    • Adverse Effects and Cautionary Considerations
  6. Physical Effects

    • Spontaneous Sensations
    • Physical Euphoria
    • Sedation and Heaviness
    • Bodily Control and Stamina Enhancement
    • Physiological Responses and Adverse Effects
    • Temperature and Cardiovascular Effects
    • Muscular Effects and Sensory Alterations
    • Seizure Risk Considerations
  7. Cognitive Effects

    • Analysis Enhancement
    • Anxiety & Paranoia
    • Novelty Enhancement
    • Introspection and Conceptual Thinking
    • Immersion Enhancement and Music Appreciation
    • Time Distortion and Wakefulness
  8. Auditory and Multi-Sensory Effects

    • Auditory Enhancement and Distortion
    • Synaesthesia
    • Transpersonal Effects
  9. Visual Effects

    • Enhancements and Distortions
    • Visual Geometry
    • Hallucinatory States and Transformations
  10. Combinations

    • Cannabis, Dissociatives, MDMA, Alcohol, Benzodiazepines, Psychedelics
    • Synergies, Cautions, and Dosage Recommendations
  11. Toxicity and Harm Potential

    • Scientific Context and Research Gaps
    • Harm Reduction Practices
    • Tolerance and Addiction Potential
    • Dangerous Interactions
  12. Legal Status

    • Germany



Lysergic acid morpholide, also recognized as N-Morpholinyllysergamide or LSM-775, stands as a distinctive synthetic research psychedelic belonging to the lysergamide chemical class. Despite its structural similarity to LSD, LSM-775 is known for its relative obscurity, lower potency, and unique psychoactive effects.

Chemical Profile and Early Research

The exploration of LSM-775 began in 1957 when initial studies in animal models revealed its qualitative similarity to LSD, albeit with significantly reduced potency and duration. Alexander Shulgin, in his book TiHKAL ("Tryptamines I Have Known and Loved"), briefly acknowledged LSM-775 as one of the LSD analogs. Conflicting reports emerged regarding its effective dosage, with some suggesting 75 micrograms, comparable to LSD, while others indicated a range between 350 and 700 micrograms. Subsequent observations established that LSM-775's potency in humans is approximately one-tenth that of LSD.

Limited Pharmacological Knowledge

Despite its long existence in scientific literature, LSM-775 remains shrouded in mystery, with scant data available on its pharmacological properties, metabolism, and toxicity. Human usage history is minimal, and the compound has only recently gained attention as a legal, grey-market alternative to LSD.

Commercial Presence and Distribution

In contemporary times, LSM-775 has surfaced in the market alongside other research chemical psychedelics such as AL-LAD, ETH-LAD, and PARGY-LAD. Despite being considered one of the least popular in this series, it is commercially distributed through online research chemical vendors. Users seeking alternatives to LSD may encounter LSM-775 as an option.

Caution and Harm Reduction

Considering its low observed potency relative to LSD, users are strongly advised to approach LSM-775 with caution and adhere to harm reduction practices. The lack of comprehensive research on its effects, coupled with the limited understanding of its pharmacology, underscores the importance of responsible use for those who choose to experiment with this novel hallucinogenic substance.

In conclusion, Lysergic acid morpholide (LSM-775) represents a unique and understudied member of the lysergamide class. Its emergence as a legal alternative to LSD raises questions about its safety and effects, necessitating a thoughtful and cautious approach by those who choose to explore its psychoactive properties. Continued research is essential to unravel the mysteries surrounding LSM-775 and to inform users about its potential risks and benefits.

Chemistry of LSM-775

Substitutive Structure of a Lysergamide

Lysergic acid morpholide, abbreviated as LSM-775, belongs to the lysergamide family, characterized by its synthetic alkaloid nature. The chemical structure of LSM-775 is a structural analog of lysergic acid, featuring a morpholinyl functional group bound to RN. This core structure is a polycyclic compound derived from ergoline, exhibiting a distinctive ergoline derivative configuration.

Ergoline Derivative Structure

The fundamental structure of LSM-775 is rooted in ergoline, a core polycyclic arrangement. Within this structure, there is a notable morpholinyl functional group attached to the RN position. The overall architecture of LSM-775 is intriguing due to its incorporation of overlapping tryptamine and phenethylamine groups, despite its primary classification as a tryptamine.

Understanding the substitutive structure of LSM-775 provides insights into its chemical composition and highlights its connection to the broader lysergamide family. The presence of the morpholinyl functional group and its arrangement within the ergoline derivative structure contribute to the compound's unique properties within the realm of synthetic alkaloids.

In summary, LSM-775's chemistry unveils its status as a lysergic acid morpholide with a distinct structural analog to lysergic acid. The ergoline derivative structure, featuring a morpholinyl functional group, showcases a fascinating amalgamation of tryptamine and phenethylamine elements, offering a deeper understanding of this synthetic psychedelic within the lysergamide family.

Dosage Guidelines for LSM-775

Threshold Dosage: 250 µg

The threshold dosage for LSM-775, the lysergic acid morpholide, is established at 250 micrograms. At this level, users may begin to perceive subtle effects, marking the point at which the psychoactive properties of LSM-775 become discernible.

Light Dosage: 500 - 750 µg

A light dosage of LSM-775 ranges from 500 to 750 micrograms. Within this dosage range, users can anticipate a mild to moderate psychedelic experience, characterized by perceptual alterations and a gentle introduction to the compound's effects.

Common Dosage: 750 - 1250 µg

The common dosage for LSM-775 falls within the range of 750 to 1250 micrograms. At this level, users can expect a more pronounced and immersive psychedelic experience. Sensory perceptions may be heightened, and the psychoactive effects become more prominent.

Strong Dosage: 1250 - 1500 µg

A strong dosage of LSM-775 is considered to be between 1250 and 1500 micrograms. Users should be prepared for intensified psychedelic effects, including vivid visuals and altered states of consciousness. This dosage range is likely to result in a potent and immersive experience.

Heavy Dosage: 1500 µg and Above

A heavy dosage of LSM-775 is categorized as 1500 micrograms and above. At this level, users may experience extremely intense psychedelic effects, including profound alterations in perception, hallucinations, and a deep immersion into the psychedelic experience. Caution is strongly advised when considering dosages in this range due to the potential for overwhelming effects.

Understanding these dosage guidelines is crucial for users who choose to explore the effects of LSM-775. It is recommended to start with lower dosages and gradually increase, keeping in mind the potential intensity of the experience at higher levels. Additionally, responsible use, proper setting, and harm reduction practices are essential elements for those engaging with LSM-775 at any dosage.

Pharmacology of LSM-775

5-HT2A Partial Agonist Activity

LSM-775, or N-Morpholinyllysergamide, is postulated to act as a 5-HT2A partial agonist, indicating its interaction with serotonin receptors in the brain. The psychedelic effects associated with LSM-775 are thought to stem from its efficacy at the 5-HT2A receptors. However, the precise mechanisms underlying these interactions and how they contribute to the psychedelic experience remain subjects of ongoing scientific investigation.

Ergine Derivative and Relative Potency

Derived from ergine, LSM-775 represents a distinct compound within the lysergamide family. In comparison to LSD, LSM-775 exhibits lower potency but still induces LSD-like effects at doses ranging from 75 to 700 micrograms. Notably, the duration of LSM-775's effects is reported to be shorter than that of LSD.

Differential Cardiovascular and Peripheral Effects

In the realm of physiological responses, LSM-775 demonstrates a profile distinct from LSD. Reports indicate that LSM-775 induces fewer signs of cardiovascular stimulation and peripheral toxicity when compared to LSD. This differentiation in physiological effects adds to the compound's uniqueness within the lysergamide class.

The pharmacological characteristics of LSM-775, particularly its partial agonist activity at 5-HT2A receptors, shed light on the potential mechanisms driving its psychedelic effects. As research progresses, a deeper understanding of these interactions and their implications for the psychedelic experience may emerge, contributing to the broader comprehension of the lysergamide family and its diverse members.

Subjective Effects of LSM-775: A Work in Progress

Exploration into Psychedelic Experiences

This subjective effects section serves as a work in progress, acknowledging its current status as a stub. It may contain incomplete or potentially inaccurate information, and your contribution in expanding or correcting it is encouraged.

Disclaimer: Anecdotal Nature and Subjective Effect Index (SEI)

The information presented below is drawn from the Subjective Effect Index (SEI), an open research literature relying on anecdotal user reports and personal analyses from contributors to PsychonautWiki. Given its anecdotal nature, a healthy degree of skepticism is advised when interpreting these effects.

Unpredictability and Dose-Dependent Variability

It is essential to recognize that the listed effects may not occur predictably or reliably for all users. Higher doses are suggested to be more likely to induce the full spectrum of effects associated with LSM-775. However, the individual response to the compound can vary, making the overall experience unpredictable.

Adverse Effects and Cautionary Considerations

Higher doses of LSM-775 come with an increased likelihood of adverse effects, including potential risks such as addiction, severe injury, or even death. Users are strongly cautioned to exercise prudence and responsible dosing practices to mitigate these risks. The unpredictable nature of subjective effects underscores the need for careful consideration when exploring the psychedelic potential of LSM-775.

In conclusion, the subjective effects of LSM-775 are a subject of ongoing exploration, with the current information relying on anecdotal accounts. As users contribute to this body of knowledge, a more comprehensive understanding of the psychedelic experiences associated with LSM-775 may emerge. Caution and responsible use are paramount when engaging with this substance, given the potential risks associated with higher doses.

Physical Effects of LSM-775

Spontaneous Physical Sensations

The "body high" induced by LSM-775 is a notable aspect of its effects, often surpassing its accompanying visual and cognitive alterations. Similar to LSD, this component can manifest as a fast-moving, sharp, and location-specific or generalized tingling sensation. However, the sensation is not always pleasant and frequently presents in a neutral manner. Some users report spontaneous occurrences at unpredictable intervals during the trip, while others experience a consistent and escalating presence that reaches its peak during the zenith of the experience.

Physical Euphoria and Associated Sensations

Physical euphoria may accompany the development of spontaneous bodily sensations. This component contributes to the overall sensory experience and adds a positive dimension to the subjective effects of LSM-775.

Sedation and Perception of Bodily Heaviness

Users may experience sedation, contributing to a perception of bodily heaviness. This sensation is part of the physical effects spectrum and may impact the overall comfort and mobility of individuals under the influence of LSM-775.

Bodily Control Enhancement and Stamina Enhancement

Bodily control enhancement is a notable effect, offering users a heightened sense of control over their physical movements. Additionally, stamina enhancement is reported, although it tends to be milder compared to traditional stimulants.

Physical Discomfort and Adverse Effects

  • Headaches: Some users may experience headaches during or after the consumption of LSM-775.
  • Nausea: Nausea is another potential adverse effect, affecting the comfort of the user during the experience.
  • Appetite Suppression: LSM-775 may lead to a reduction in appetite, influencing eating habits during the trip.
  • Dehydration: Users should be mindful of staying adequately hydrated, as dehydration can be a potential consequence of LSM-775 use.
  • Difficulty Urinating or Frequent Urination: Changes in urinary patterns, including difficulty urinating or frequent urination, may occur.

Temperature and Cardiovascular Effects

  • Temperature Regulation Suppression: LSM-775 may suppress the body's ability to regulate temperature efficiently.
  • Increased Bodily Temperature: Users may experience an elevation in bodily temperature during the course of the trip.
  • Increased Blood Pressure and Heart Rate: LSM-775 can lead to heightened blood pressure and increased heart rate.
  • Increased Perspiration: Sweating may increase as a physiological response to the compound.

Muscular Effects and Sensory Alterations

  • Muscle Contractions, Cramps, and Spasms: Users might encounter muscular effects ranging from contractions to cramps and spasms.
  • Olfactory Hallucination: An olfactory hallucination, involving perceived smells that aren't present, is reported by some users.
  • Mouth Numbing: A numbing sensation in the mouth can occur as part of the sensory alterations.
  • Excessive Yawning and Watery Eyes: LSM-775 may induce excessive yawning and watery eyes.
  • Pupil Dilation: Dilated pupils are a common physiological response associated with LSM-775 use.
  • Vasoconstriction (citation needed): Some reports suggest vasoconstriction as a potential effect, although more research is needed to confirm this observation.
  • Wakefulness: Users may experience increased wakefulness, affecting the usual sleep-wake cycle.
  • Teeth Grinding: Teeth grinding, while present, is considerably less intense compared to substances like MDMA.

Seizure Risk Considerations

There is a theoretical risk of seizures associated with LSM-775, extrapolated from reported seizures linked to LSD use. This risk is thought to be more pronounced in individuals genetically predisposed to seizures, particularly under physically taxing conditions such as dehydration, fatigue, or undernourishment. It is crucial to note that there are no documented cases of seizures specifically linked to LSM-775 use to date, though caution is advised due to the unknown extent of the risk compared to LSD.

Understanding these physical effects is paramount for individuals considering LSM-775 use, emphasizing the need for responsible dosing, a controlled environment, and proper hydration to mitigate potential risks.

Cognitive Effects of LSM-775: A Nuanced Exploration

Progressive Intensity with Dosage

The cognitive effects of LSM-775 manifest in various components, intensifying progressively with dosage. Distinct from other psychedelics such as psilocybin, AL-LAD, and mescaline, LSM-775 is characterized as generally more stimulating and fast-paced in terms of the specific style of thought stream(s) produced. However, in comparison to other lysergamides, it is noted for its more sedating and "dream-like" qualities, drawing parallels to LSA.

Prominent Cognitive Effects

Analysis Enhancement

Users often report an enhancement in analytical thinking, allowing for a deeper examination and understanding of concepts.

Anxiety & Paranoia

Anxiety and paranoia may emerge as cognitive effects, impacting the emotional state of individuals under the influence of LSM-775.

Personal Bias Suppression

The psychedelic experience with LSM-775 may involve a suppression of personal biases, fostering a more objective perspective.

Novelty Enhancement

A heightened appreciation for novelty is a notable cognitive effect, contributing to a sense of exploration and discovery.

Conceptual Thinking

Users may engage in more abstract and conceptual thinking, exploring ideas beyond conventional boundaries.


The compound promotes introspection, encouraging individuals to delve into their thoughts and emotions.

Immersion Enhancement

An increased sense of immersion in the present moment is reported, intensifying the overall psychedelic experience.

Increased Music Appreciation

LSM-775 users commonly experience an enhanced appreciation for music, with auditory sensations taking on a richer quality.

Increased Sense of Humor and Laughter Fits

A heightened sense of humor, sometimes leading to fits of laughter, is a cognitive effect associated with LSM-775.

Thought Acceleration and Connectivity

LSM-775 induces thought acceleration and connectivity, allowing for a more rapid and interconnected flow of thoughts.

Thought Loops

Users may experience thought loops, where certain thoughts continuously repeat, potentially influencing the overall thought stream.

Language Suppression

There could be a suppression of language, making verbal communication challenging or less coherent.

Memory Suppression

The compound may lead to memory suppression, impacting the recollection of recent events.

Confusion and Déjà Vu

Confusion and déjà vu experiences are reported cognitive effects, adding to the complexity of the psychedelic journey.

Time Distortion

Relative to other psychedelics, LSM-775 is noted for particularly pronounced time distortion effects, altering the perception of time passage.


Increased wakefulness is reported, impacting the usual sleep-wake cycle during the psychedelic experience.

Auditory Effects

Auditory Enhancement and Distortion

Auditory effects include both enhancement and distortion, contributing to a heightened auditory experience.

Multi-sensory Effects


In its fullest manifestation, synaesthesia is a rare and non-reproducible effect associated with LSM-775. Higher dosages may increase the likelihood, but it tends to be prominent among those predisposed to synaesthetic states.

Transpersonal Effects

Transpersonal effects represent the rarest and least reproducible cognitive phenomena during a psychedelic experience. They are unique in that their occurrence is not solely dosage-dependent; instead, contextual factors such as the user's set and setting play a crucial role.

Existential Self-Realization

Individuals may undergo existential self-realization, experiencing profound insights into their existence.

Spirituality Enhancement

Spirituality enhancement is a transpersonal effect, leading to a deeper connection with spiritual or transcendent aspects.

Feelings of Eternalism

Perceptions of eternalism may arise, challenging the conventional notions of time and temporality.

Perception of Self-Design

The psychedelic experience may involve a perception of self-design, prompting contemplation on one's identity and purpose.

Feelings of Interdependent Opposites

Users may encounter feelings of interdependent opposites, recognizing the interconnected nature of opposing forces.

Unity and Interconnectedness

A sense of unity and interconnectedness is reported, fostering a profound connection with the world and others.

In conclusion, the cognitive effects of LSM-775 provide a nuanced and intricate exploration of the psychedelic experience. Users are encouraged to approach these effects with a mindful and responsible mindset, considering set and setting to optimize the potential positive impact on cognition and consciousness.

Visual Effects of LSM-775: A Spectrum of Perceptions


The visual effects induced by LSM-775 encompass a diverse range of enhancements and distortions, with their intensity escalating proportionally to dosage. Relative to other psychedelics such as psilocybin, AL-LAD, and mescaline, LSM-775 is characterized as generally more stimulating and fast-paced in terms of the specific style of thought streams produced, containing a multitude of potential effects. However, within the lysergamide class, it has been observed to have a more sedating and "dream-like" quality, drawing comparisons to LSA.

  • Analysis Enhancement
  • Anxiety & Paranoia
  • Personal Bias Suppression
  • Novelty Enhancement
  • Conceptual Thinking
  • Introspection
  • Immersion Enhancement
  • Increased Music Appreciation
  • Increased Sense of Humor
  • Laughter Fits
  • Thought Acceleration
  • Thought Connectivity
  • Thought Loops
  • Language Suppression
  • Memory Suppression
  • Confusion
  • Déjà Vu

Time Distortion

Time distortion is reported to be particularly pronounced relative to other psychedelics, contributing to alterations in the perception of time during an LSM-775 experience.


Auditory Effects

The auditory effects of LSM-775 contribute to the overall sensory experience, with enhancements and distortions influencing the perception of sound.

  • Auditory Enhancement
  • Auditory Distortion

Multi-Sensory Effects

LSM-775 induces multi-sensory effects that can enhance the overall perceptual experience, including synaesthetic states under certain conditions.


In its fullest manifestation, synaesthesia is a rare and non-reproducible effect. It becomes more likely with increased dosage but is predominantly experienced by those predisposed to synaesthetic states.

Transpersonal Effects

Transpersonal effects represent the rarest and least reproducible elements of a psychedelic experience, often described as "peak," "transcendent," or "transformative." They rely on contextual factors more than substance or dose.

  • Existential Self-Realization
  • Spirituality Enhancement
  • Feelings of Eternalism
  • Perception of Self-Design
  • Feelings of Interdependent Opposites
  • Unity and Interconnectedness

Understanding the cognitive effects of LSM-775 provides valuable insights into the intricate and nuanced aspects of the psychedelic experience, emphasizing the need for careful consideration and responsible use.

Combinations with LSM-775


When combined with cannabis, LSM-775 exhibits intensified and extended visual and cognitive effects. Caution is advised for those not experienced with psychedelics, as the combination may lead to dramatically more intense visual trips. It's noted that using THC concentrates, such as hashish, can amplify the anxiety, confusion, and psychosis-producing aspects of both substances, emphasizing the need for extreme caution.


Combining LSM-775 with dissociatives enhances geometry, euphoria, dissociation, and hallucinatory effects. Dissociative-induced holes, spaces, and voids become more vivid when paired with LSM-775, leading to intensified internal hallucinations and confusion.


When used in conjunction with MDMA, LSM-775 amplifies the physical and cognitive effects of MDMA itself. The synergy produces overwhelming euphoria, uniquely pleasurable body highs, headspaces, and colorful visuals. It is recommended to wait at least three to four hours after ingesting LSM-775 before taking MDMA to avoid undesirable interactions. However, the synergy between these substances is unpredictable and potentially neurotoxic, necessitating lower initial dosages.


Combining LSM-775 with alcohol is not typically recommended due to alcohol's dehydrating and nausea-inducing effects, which can negatively impact the trip. While low doses are reasonably safe and can take the edge off a trip, higher doses are discouraged as they may exacerbate physical fatigue and stress on the body.


When combined with benzodiazepines, LSM-775's cognitive, physical, and visual effects may be slightly to completely reduced, offering an efficient means of stopping potentially challenging trips. Caution is crucial due to the high addiction potential of benzodiazepines, and their use for this purpose should be approached with care.


Combining LSM-775 with other psychedelics intensifies the physical, cognitive, and visual effects of each substance, creating a strong synergistic effect. Due to the unpredictable nature of this synergy, it is generally not advised. If choosing to combine psychedelics, starting with lower dosages than those taken individually is recommended to mitigate potential risks.

Understanding the interactions between LSM-775 and various substances is vital for users to make informed decisions and prioritize safety in their psychedelic experiences.

Toxicity and Harm Potential of LSM-775

Scientific Context and Research Gaps

The toxicity and long-term health effects of recreational LSM-775 have not been scientifically studied, and the exact toxic dose remains unknown. LSM-775, being a research chemical with minimal history of human usage, lacks comprehensive scientific evaluation in terms of safety. Anecdotal evidence from the psychonaut community suggests no negative health effects associated with trying the substance at low to moderate doses. However, caution is emphasized, and independent research is crucial to ensuring the safety of combining LSM-775 with other substances.

Harm Reduction Practices

To mitigate potential risks, it is strongly recommended to employ harm reduction practices when using LSM-775. Given the lack of extensive scientific data, users are encouraged to approach the substance with caution, using it sparingly, and being aware that nothing can be guaranteed regarding its safety.

Tolerance and Addiction Potential

While formal studies are lacking, LSM-775 is speculated to be non-habit-forming, and the desire to use it may decrease with repeated administration. Similar to most psychedelics, LSM-775 likely possesses an intrinsic, self-regulating aspect.

Tolerance to LSM-775 builds almost immediately after ingestion, and it takes approximately 5-7 days for the tolerance to halve and 14 days to return to baseline in the absence of further consumption. Cross-tolerance is anticipated, meaning that the consumption of LSM-775 may reduce the effects of other psychedelics.

Dangerous Interactions


Combining LSM-775 with lithium, commonly prescribed for bipolar disorder, significantly increases the risk of psychosis and seizures, making this combination strictly discouraged.


The combination of LSM-775 and cannabis may have a strong and unpredictable synergy, increasing the risk of adverse psychological reactions like anxiety, paranoia, panic attacks, and psychosis. Caution is advised, and users are recommended to start with a fraction of their normal cannabis dose.


Stimulants such as amphetamine, cocaine, or methylphenidate, when combined with LSM-775, may heighten the risk of anxiety, paranoia, panic attacks, and thought loops. This interaction may also elevate the risk of mania and psychosis.


Tramadol, known to lower the seizure threshold, combined with psychedelics like LSM-775, may act as a trigger for seizures in susceptible individuals.

Legal Status


As of July 18, 2019, LSM-775 is controlled under the NpSG (New Psychoactive Substances Act) in Germany. Production, import with the intention to place it on the market, administration to another person, and trading are punishable offenses. Possession is illegal but not penalized.


In Switzerland, LSM-775 can be considered a controlled substance as a defined derivative of Lysergic Acid under Verzeichnis E point 263. It is legal when used for scientific or industrial purposes.

Understanding the toxicity, harm potential, and legal status of LSM-775 is imperative for users to engage in responsible and informed usage, prioritizing their well-being and safety.


Q: Is LSM-775 habit-forming?

A: While formal studies are lacking, LSM-775 is speculated to be non-habit-forming, and the desire to use it may decrease with repeated administration.

Q: Are there long-term health effects associated with LSM-775?

A: The long-term health effects of LSM-775 have not been scientifically studied. Anecdotal evidence suggests no negative health effects at low to moderate doses, but caution and independent research are advised.

Q: Can LSM-775 be combined with cannabis?

A: Yes, but caution is recommended as the combination may significantly intensify visual and cognitive effects, potentially leading to adverse psychological reactions.

Q: How often can LSM-775 be used without building tolerance?

A: Tolerance to LSM-775 builds almost immediately after ingestion. It takes about 5-7 days for the tolerance to be reduced to half and 14 days to return to baseline. Cross-tolerance with other psychedelics is likely.

Q: What are the dangerous interactions of LSM-775?

A: Dangerous interactions include combining LSM-775 with lithium, cannabis, stimulants, or tramadol. Always conduct independent research to ensure safety.

Q: Is LSM-775 legal in Germany?

A: No, LSM-775 is controlled under the NpSG (New Psychoactive Substances Act) in Germany, making production, import, administration, and trading punishable offenses.

Q: What is the legal status of LSM-775 in Switzerland?

A: In Switzerland, LSM-775 can be considered a controlled substance under certain conditions, but it is legal for scientific or industrial use.

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