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Product Name: synthetic cocaine dimethocaine
IUPAC Name: 3-(p-fluorobenzoyloxy)tropane (pFBT)
Other Names: synthetic cocaine dimethocaine
Cas Number: 94-15-5
Molecular Formula: C15H18NO2
Molar Mass: 263.31 g/mol
Purity of the substance: ≥99.3%
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Dimethocaine, commonly known as DMC or larocaine, is a synthetic chemical whose reputation has grown contentious in recent years. On the one hand, it is marketed as a legal substitute for cocaine with similar stimulant effects. Dimethocaine, however, has been deemed a hazardous chemical with a high potential for addiction and misuse. What is dimethocaine precisely, and how does it relate to cocaine? This essay will examine the underlying science of dimethocaine, its impact on the body, and its related hazards.

The Chemistry of Dimethocaine

As a 4-aminobenzoic acid ester, the structure of dimethocaine is comparable to that of procaine, a local anesthetic. Similar to cocaine, dimethocaine exists as a white powder at room temperature. However, the only resemblance between the two substances is their physical appearance.

In 2010, a substance labeled dimethocaine in the United Kingdom was determined to be a combination of caffeine and lidocaine. This lack of a dopaminergic stimulant in these mixtures may account for the common recreational effects observed by many consumers. Other samples examined, however, were found to contain authentic dimethocaine, and one "bath salt" product in Ireland was shown to have a high misuse rate among intravenous drug users.

The Effects of Dimethocaine on the Body

Dimethocaine, like cocaine, activates the brain's reward circuit, triggering the release of dopamine and a euphoric feeling. Nevertheless, dimethocaine is often regarded as less potent than cocaine, making some feel it is safer. However, regardless of potency, any drug that triggers the reward system in the brain has the potential to be addictive.

In addition, the long-term consequences of dimethocaine usage are still entirely unclear, as the substance has not been investigated extensively. Some study indicates that it may have adverse effects on heart health, as well as the potential to cause convulsions, depression, and in severe circumstances, death.

The Legal Status of Dimethocaine

The legal status of dimethocaine in several nations is one of the reasons for its rising popularity. The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Dependence (EMCDDA) classifies it as a "synthetic cocaine derivative." Despite this designation, dimethocaine is neither safe nor authorized to use. In truth, its legal status varies significantly from nation to country, and it is a restricted substance in certain regions.

The Risks of Using Dimethocaine

Dimethocaine may appear to be an attractive alternative to cocaine, but it is a dangerous chemical with a high potential for addiction and misuse. The long-term consequences of dimethocaine usage are largely unclear, and the substance has been associated with adverse health outcomes such as cardiac issues, seizures, depression, and in severe cases, death.

Additionally, the legality of dimethocaine varies globally, making it impossible to ascertain the validity and purity of the substance when acquiring it. In many instances, it is discovered that goods branded as dimethocaine include other potentially hazardous chemicals.

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