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Product Name: 6-EAPB
IUPAC Name: 1-(benzofuran-6-yl)-N-ethylpropan-2-amine
Other Names: 1-(benzofuran-6-yl)-N-ethylpropan-2-amine
Cas Number: 1632539-47-9
Molecular Formula: C13H17NO
Molar Mass: 239.74 g/mol
Effect: stimulant, psychedelic
Purity of the substance: 99.9%
Physical properties: Crystals, Powder
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6-EAPB often referred to as 1-(benzofuran-6-yl)-N-ethylpropan-2-amine, is a new benzofuran-class substance that has recently acquired favour among certain recreational drug users. It has the potential to be psychedelic and entactogenic, although its effects and safety profile are poorly understood. This page will describe 6-EAPB, its chemical structure, and its relation to other compounds in its class. The present status of the study on this substance's effects on the human body and mind will also be discussed.

Introduction to 6-EAPB

In the early 2010s, 6-EAPB was recognized for the first time as a novel psychoactive compound. It is structurally linked to popular recreational compounds such as 6-APB and MDMA, and its effects are believed to be comparable to those of these narcotics. In contrast to these well-studied medications, 6-EAPB is mainly obscure, and its effects and safety profile are little understood.

Despite this lack of knowledge, some persons take 6-EAPB for recreational purposes, frequently in conjunction with other substances like alcohol. As the interaction between 6-EAPB and other drugs is poorly studied, the risk of injury to the user is uncertain.

Chemical Structure of 6-EAPB

6-EAPB belongs to the benzofuran drug class, a subclass of the phenethylamine chemical class. 6-EAPB has a benzofuran ring, an ethyl chain, and an amine group in its chemical structure. This structure is comparable to prominent recreational drugs such as 6-APB and MDMA, which are likewise benzofuran and phenethylamine compounds.

How 6-EAPB Compares to Other Drugs in its Class

6-EAPB is structurally similar to 6-APB and MDMA, two prominent recreational drugs. 6-APB is a stimulant and entactogen frequently abused for its euphoric effects. MDMA, on the other hand, is a well-known and often-used recreational substance with euphoric and empathogenic effects.

While 6-EAPB is structurally similar to these medications, nothing is known about its effects and safety profile. Some users of 6-EAPB have reported having effects comparable to those of 6-APB and MDMA, including exhilaration and empathy. However, the degree to which these benefits are comparable and the hazards associated with using 6-EAPB are little understood.

Potential Dangers of Using 6-EAPB

Several possible risks are associated with 6-EAPB usage, including bodily and psychological damage. There is a danger of significant injury, including overdose and death, associated with 6-EAPB's effects on the human body and mind, which are little understood.

Additionally, 6-EAPB is unregulated, and its purity is frequently unknown. Therefore, those who take 6-EAPB run the risk of ingesting a chemical containing potentially dangerous pollutants.

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