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Hexen is a widely-used designer drug, which is in the group of synthetic stimulants. This synthetic drug is presented in the group of research chemicals of cathinone class. Many consumers stated that after taking Hexen they felt euphoria like after taking other cathinones. It was revealed that hexen assumption causes the suppression of an appetite. Hexen usage promotes thoughts acceleration. One more common effect is stimulation.

Hexen is also known among consumers as N-Ethylhexedrone and NEH. 

This synthetic drug was developed in 2011. However, it became widely demanded in the end of 2015.Consumers take N-Ethylhexedrone by snoring (the most common way) and vaping.

This synthetic drug could look as a white powder or as crystals. 

The main goal of using this designer drug is to experience euphoria which is the main effect after taking Hexen.

Beginning to act after a while, consumers receive long duration of the stimulant.

Researchers often use this synthetic stimulant instead of crack because of their similarity in effects.

Such strong designer drug is used for achieving anxiety without lots of efforts. After taking Hexen users admitted stimulation. They stated that this drug can stimulate psychosis as well as be a paranoid.

Hexen acts as a dopamine releaser for the purpose to get such effects.

This synthesized drug acts quite quickly. The onset starts after 15-30 min after taking Hexen. And it lasts about 1-4 hours. After-effects from Hexen usage could be observed for two-six hours. 

If you need to find a perfect stimulant, Hexen is just what you need. Experiments with this designer drug proved that it perfectly replaces its predecessors. Hexen allows to experience euphoria when it is taken in light dosages (about 60-100 mg). Their level of energy increased as well as a heart rate and sweating. Hexen shows similar effects to pentedrone, a-PVP, NEP and a-PHP.

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About Hexen

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