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Dibutylone is a synthetic drug which is becoming more and more popular with each day. It is presented in the form of white crystalline powder. Dibutylone formula is C13H17NO3.

In recent past such research chemical as dibutylone is highly popular among consumers. For the first time this synthetic drug was produced by RC Chemical Company Ltd

This designer drug is also well-known as bk-DMBDB. You can see its other names like Booty and Beauty. bk-DMBDB contains in its structure carbon, nitrogen and hydrogen. 

Dibutylone is similar to cathinones and MDMA. Many consumers in their reviews admitted that with the help of dibutylone it is possible to achieve effects like from taking phenethylamine or amphetamine. Users confirmed its similarity with butylone. However, they prefer using dibutylone because it is not scheduled in comparison with butylone. This fact promulgates a wide usage of bk-DMBDB in researches and experiments. 

Dibutylone vendors offer purchasing synthetic drug in the form of white fluffy crystalline powder which has got citric-acid smell similar to fluoridated amphetamines. 

There weren’t held proper studies of properties and effects caused by dibutylone usage by humans. Therefore all effects are based on statements from customers who have previously tried this synthetic drug. Most of its effects could be reached thanks to qualities which dibutylone has similar to other psychedelic drugs. Consumers admitted their feelings of relief and calm especially being free from mental pressure. Users usually feel euphoria. Their heart rate and blood pressure are increased. In some reviews customers mentioned light hallucinations and the feeling of wakefulness. 

There were some cases of taking dibutylone with other liquids. Users took this designer drug also in the form of capsules properly packed. 

We can offer you dibutylone of the highest quality, which will definitely meet all your needs and requirements while conducting tests and experiments.

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About Dibutylone

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