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For the first time the descendant of U-47700 was produced in 1970s. And only in recent times it became highly popular when U-47700 was synthesized. Users carry out their experiments with this designer drug because of its similarity to morphine. However, U47700 is much stronger.

U-47700 is one of designer drugs of benzamide class. One more benefit that U-47700 could boast with is ability to be less habit-forming compared to morphine. New synthesized drug was produced in order to help people who were struggling cancer and other diseases.

You can find also other names of U-47700 in the Internet among which the most widespread are Pinky or Pink.

Like many other research chemicals U-47700 requires more studies in order to know its properties better. This designer drug wasn’t properly tested on humans. That is why you should be careful when choosing the right dosage. All U-47700 effects you can see here are based mostly on reviews and feedbacks from consumers who have already had experiences with this drug.

The effects from taking U-47700 are quite similar to those which could be achieved when taking oxycodone. All those, who tried U-47700 earlier, mentioned about having euphoria. Euphoria when taking U-47700 is often less intense comparing to heroin. According to the statements from consumers this designer drug may cause feeling of relaxation. Users stated that they felt calmness and peace. 

Some customers mentioned that the effects from taking U-47700 could be compared to tramadol. It is possible to feel pain reduction. Also consumers admitted anxiolytic effects. The most common dose in order to achieve desirable results is about 20 mg according to the statements of users who experienced this research chemical. Together with feelings of relaxation and pleasure some consumers noticed insensibility and apathy. 

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About U-47700

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