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Product Name: 5C-AKB48
IUPAC Name: N-((3s,5s,7s)-adamantan-1-yl)-1-(5-chloropentyl)-1H-indazole-3-carboxamide
Other Names: 5-chloro AKB48, 5-chloro APINACA
Cas Number: 1400742-13-3
Molecular Formula: C23H30ClN3O
Molar Mass: 400.0 g/mol
Effect: stimulant, psychedelic, cannabinoid
Purity of the substance: ≥99.3%
Physical properties: Crystals, powder
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The world of designer pharmaceuticals is continuously developing, and 5C-AKB48 (also known as 5F-AKB48) is one such addition. This synthetic cannabimimetic indazole-based cannabis derivative has garnered prominence for being offered online as a designer medication. It is structurally similar to compounds described in patent WO 2003/035005 but has a 5-fluorophenyl chain attached to the indazole's 1-position. This article's only objective is to give an exhaustive guide to 5C-AKB48 for informative reasons.

What is 5C-AKB48?

5C-AKB48 is a synthetic cannabinoid with structural similarities to substances described in WO 2003/035005. It is a synthetic medication that imitates the effects of marijuana's natural cannabinoids. It is sometimes referred to as a designer drug as it is expressly developed to avoid present drug restrictions.

Chemical Composition of 5C-AKB48

A 5-fluorophenyl chain is connected to the indazole 1-position of 5C-indazole AKB48's base. This unique molecular structure sets it distinct from other synthetic cannabinoids and provides its unique effects.

Effects of 5C-AKB48

The effects of 5C-AKB48 are not widely investigated as it is a relatively new designer medication. However, based on user experiences, it is considered to cause comparable effects to marijuana, such as euphoria, relaxation, and changed perceptions. It is also known to cause anxiety, paranoia, and hallucinations as adverse effects.

Legality of 5C-AKB48

The legality of 5C-AKB48 differs between nations. In certain countries, it is categorized as a controlled drug, making its possession, production, and distribution illegal. In certain countries, the substance may be categorized as a research chemical and is available solely for scientific research.

How is 5C-AKB48 consumed?

5C-AKB48 is often administered orally as a tablet or by combining it with food or liquid. It can also be smoked or vaporized, but these techniques are less prevalent.

Risks associated with 5C-AKB48

There are many health hazards linked with 5C-AKB48 usage. As with other designer medications, it is not regulated, and the quality and potency of the substance can vary widely. This can lead to unpredictable and perhaps harmful results. In addition, 5C-AKB48 has been associated with many hospitalizations, including seizures, hallucinations, and anxiety.

Questions asked frequently

What exactly is 5C-AKB48?

As a designer drug, 5C-AKB48 is a cannabimimetic indazole-based cannabis derivative offered online.

How is 5C-AKB48 metabolized?

5C-AKB48 is often administered orally as a tablet or by combining it with food or liquid. It can also be smoked or vaporized, but these techniques are less prevalent.

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